With perfect timing to get you set up for 2016 in the most beneficial of ways “Yoga From The Start” day retreat is announced for Sunday January 24. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Jan O’Donoghue has designed a program to cater for those new to yoga so you can get started with correct understanding of the subject and an uplifting experience. Whatever your age or condition “Yoga From the Start” will give you the guidance you need to safely and effectively begin your yoga journey. From the practicality of just knowing how to stand straight and move freely in any given direction to the more elusive qualities of knowing how to calm yourself and how to breathe spaciously you will be pleasantly surprised at all you can achieve. Look forward to this special time for your own renewal. For all details Contact Jan www.yogaschool.com.au or directly to Yoga Now Retreats, www.yoganowretreats.com.au