Private Tuition

For over 40 years people from all walks of life have come to Jan to learn the art of free and healthy movement. Many need solutions to specific problems and others want the extra care and attention made possible in the private situation.

Jan’s students have included the wife of a Prime Minister in office, an international music celebrity, a famous actor and several elite sports performers.

Personal coaching with Jan answers the individual’s exact needs and is a highly effective way to learn with accuracy, motivation and rapid progress.


Why take a Private Class?
Because you are an individual. Your needs and life experiences differ from those of other people. You will do best at achieving your aims with specific understanding of your own posture and your own body. You will learn with confidence and clarity what to do for your particular body and your particular lifestyle.

Your aim may be freedom from pain, greater flexibility, better health or enhanced sports performance. With Jan as your personal coach you will definitely improve and progress.

Here are some of the most common reasons people list for making their private bookings with Jan:



General Purposes:
*Performance Enhancement; e.g. sports, martial arts, gymnastics, dance, yoga.
*Body shaping, better muscle tone, weight loss.
*Flexibility and strengthening.
*Introduction to yoga.
*Pre and post natal.
*Inner strength, confidence, stress reduction, relaxation.

Remedial Purposes:
*Knee injuries, neck/shoulder pain
*Back pain, spinal problems.
*Menstrual or menopausal difficulties.
*Emotional stress, depression.
*Fatigue, glandular disturbances.
*High or low blood pressure.
*Headaches, arthritis, stiffness.
*Poor posture.

Private classes are conducted in Jan’s especially equipped home studio.

Wear easy-stretch clothing and refrain from eating before your appointment. If relevant to your condition bring along any xrays or reports from your doctor or chiropractor.

During the class Jan will analyse your posture and your gait and then help you to achieve your objectives by taking a three-step approach to your health and fitness.

Step 1. Pain Relief. Step 2. Remedial. Step 3. Progress

Each step is carefully tailored to suit your individual needs and capabilities. You are taught only the exercises which are correct for your particular body and your particular condition or aims. Importantly, you will learn to exercise maintaining your correct posture and anatomical alignment. The emphasis is on stretching, strengthening and restoring. The work is thorough, but not difficult.

Class Duration: one hour
Class Fee: $80
Shared Class: $50 per person, general purpose only, not remedial.

Specialist and Corporate Teaching: Fees vary. Please enquire
Venue : Jan’s Private Mudgeeraba Studio. Directions will be given upon booking.
Please note that a travel surcharge applies where private engagements are conducted away from the Studio.

BOOKINGS : PHONE 0407123699  email:


9:30am: Level 1

9:30am: Levels 2/3
7pm: Level 1

7pm: Levels 2/3

9:30am: Level 1  

All classes are 1.5 hours in duration

Jan O’Donoghue

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