Classes & Levels

Beginners; Basic: This level is taught at term start and teaches the fundamentals of correct posture, body mechanics and correctly aligned movement. An excellent starting point for any newcomer and especially recommended for those who are not so fit or who need special care because of injuries or ailments


Beginners; Level 1: beginners progress from Basic to more experienced during the term. Suitable for those of normal fitness with no major injuries. This level is also recommended for those who are already practising yoga but are trying out the Iyengar style for the first time.

Levels 2/3: More demanding and extensive yoga for more experienced students, usually from the second year of regular class attendance. Class syllabus includes inversions, more advanced backbends and longer holds. Prior exposure to level 1 recommended.

Level 4: This level intensifies the work of the previous levels and encourages greater independent exploration. Those who are interested should see Jan. Students are expected to have Level 3 proficiency and a strong commitment to personal practice.

SYLLABUS: The class syllabus for each level is structured so that students can progress steadily and methodically throughout the year. All levels learn standing poses, forward bends, twists, abdominals, backbends, seated positions and restorative poses plus relaxation. Fully inverted (upside down) poses are introduced at Level 1 and further developed from level 2. At beginner level many modifications are given so that students can learn to stretch and tone correctly with more clarity and less strain. Emphasis is placed on the correction of one’s everyday posture, appreciation of anatomical alignment and the gaining of equal proficiency in both stretching and strengthening abilities. Improvement to the elasticity of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, a better body posture and a strengthened nervous system all bring about improvement to everyday breathing. Next, learning to lengthen the exhalation assists Relaxation and stress reduction. More experienced beginners will be introduced to Shoulderstand. At Levels 2 and 3 the class syllabus develops the yoga poses to more advanced proficiency in all types of movement. Students are working with a greater awareness of body mechanics and improved self-knowledge. They gain a better appreciation of internal effects and are increasingly independent. A full range of inverted postures is taught. Pranayama is also introduced at this level.


9:30 – 11:30am – Beginners

9:30 – 11:30am: Levels 2/3
7 – 9pm: Beginners

7 – 9pm: Levels 2/3

9:30 – 11am: Beginners



Pranayama: This is the art of consciously deepening, regulating, refining and directing the breath. It differs from normal, everyday breathing and is a necessary prelude to meditation.

Workshops: Jan holds regular workshops on a variety of different topics. For example recent workshops have been “Women’s Health”, “How To Use The Wall Ropes”, and “The Value Of Restorative Poses” Still other workshops have been conducted on “Twists”, “Building Arm Strength”, and “Getting Motivated” to name just a few. If you have topics to suggest or you would like to engage Jan to conduct a workshop please contact through the Contact Us page or by phone or email to


Personal coaching for Performance Enhancement or for Therapy purposes.
Performance Enhancement assists those wishing for optimum proficiency at their chosen sport or art. Jan’s private students include swimmers, surfers, runners, golfers, tennis players, gymnasts, martial arts, skaters, dancers, singers and instrumental musicians with several performing at national and international level.

Therapy includes injuries, organic problems, backache, spinal problems, stress, headaches, weight loss, women’s health, pregnancy etc

Special Purpose Teaching: Corporate Seminars, Occupational Strain Correction, Figure Shaping, Deportment, Posture & Gait Correction, Weight Loss.


9:30am: Level 1

9:30am: Levels 2/3
7pm: Level 1

7pm: Levels 2/3

9:30am: Level 1  

All classes are 1.5 hours in duration

Jan O’Donoghue

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