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Please read this information before filling the Registration Form. Please keep scrolling down to read all fee options. For term dates go to the end of the page. To download a registration form press the Download button at the page end.

NEW STUDENTS please note : It will take some weeks to learn the basics of Iyengar Yoga. The teaching is tailored to suit the needs of each individual and this cannot be appreciated in a single class. It is important to learn how to practice for your individual body and lifestyle. Classes at G.C.S.I.Y. are progressive and inter-linked rather than casual and static. For this reason and also for continuity of teaching you are asked to enroll for a full term or for at least a five class introductory block.

Fees and Options:
Classes may be commenced at any time, but preferably at the beginning of a term. However, if this is not possible you will still pick up the work with regular attendance.

N.B. Missed classes may be made up by taking any other class during the term and must be taken by term end.

Terms are usually of 10 weeks duration.  Though classes do continue to run during the school holidays these “holiday classes” are not included in the term fee.

Term Fee …..(10 classes) $210. Use these as you like at any session during the term.

Are you new to Iyengar Yoga? It is preferable that you commit to a full term, but if unsure a five class Introduction is available. This option is for you only, not for those already practicing Iyengar Yoga

Intro Block ….(5 classes) $115. Use these as you like at any session during the term.

For all students with prior exposure to Iyengar yoga, i.e. not those who are new to this method
A single class fee is available….Single Class $25

Single classes may also be a good option if your attendance is irregular or if you wish to take a few extra classes on top of your regular term fee/s.

Private Tuition. By appointment. Specialised and remedial one to one, $80. Details on Private Tuition Page.

Holiday Classes are not taught as part of the term syllabus. The timetable may alter so please check. Holiday classes are open to all students and are charged per single class. Class levels do not apply during holiday classes.

Please note that all classes are now 1.5 hours duration giving the best quality of teaching with time for individual attention and a good Relaxation.

Clothing worn to classes needs to be easy stretch. Clean bare feet in the class room are essential. No baggy pants (teacher needs to see your legs). Please leave jewellery at home or lock it in your car.

Meals should be taken no closer than two hours before class. A very light snack is O.K.

Car parking is under the building or in the Robert St car park.

Term Dates for 2024:                     

Term 1 – January 22 to Mar 28
Term 2 – April 15 to June 21

Term 3 – July 8 to September 13

Term 4 – October 14 to December 19

N.B. Holiday classes run between terms. (See above)


9:30am: Level 1

9:30am: Levels 2/3
7pm: Level 1

7pm: Levels 2/3

9:30am: Level 1  

All classes are 1.5 hours in duration

Jan O’Donoghue

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