For everyone who would like better toned, more stretchy legs; Sunday March 10 is the day to set aside for the year’s first workshop at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Jan has chosen a topic to help all yoga students who feel that their legs are stiff and also those who feel that sometimes the legs are not supportive enough. The “Stretching and Strengthening Your Legs” workshop will deal with these issues and a whole lot more.

*Learn the importance of a harmonious interaction between the joints of the feet, ankles, knees and hips. *Learn how to use a variety of props and techniques for support and to help you go further into the stretch. *Learn how to apply what you learn so that you can stretch and strengthen effectively whether you are standing, sitting, lying or even upside down. Many of these techniques you can even use in the office.

Special tips and guidance will also be given for those who feel that even after practicing yoga for a long time their legs refuse to stretch very far and for those whose legs are sometimes “wobbly” and tire easily.

Workshop fee for “Stretching and Strengthening Your Legs” is $65. Bookings and payment can be made with Jan at GCSIY by March 4 or you can go via the website to make your booking and to request details for payment effective by March 4.