As we near the year’s end a number of students have been asking about Holiday Classes. So, the dates have been decided and are listed below. There are still two weeks of the structured term to run so please use your term classes during these two weeks. Term 4 concludes on December 14.

Term 1 in 2019 commences on Tuesday January 29 (Monday 28th has been made Australia Day Holiday) Please have your enrollment in early and ensure you’re off to a great start for the 2019 yoga year. Class times and fees remain unchanged and can be viewed on the website, Just notify Jan which class or classes you’d like. If you’re new to GCSIY enrollment forms can be downloaded from the Fees and Registration page.

Holiday Classes: December 2018, Tuesday 18 at 9.30 am and at 7 pm. Thursday 20 at 9.30 am

January 2019, Tuesday 22 at 9.30 am and at 7 pm. Thursday 24 at 9.30 am

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, safe and relaxing holiday period and don’t forget to stay inspired and motivated by going to our page on Facebook; Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga, or Instagram; jlo1-yoga.