Term 2 at Gold Coast School Of iyengar Yoga has commenced. If you missed your first week, no worries. Regular revision means that you will quickly catch up by commencing your classes this coming week. Your term fee classes may be used at any session during the term giving you the opportunity to use two or three classes per week until the ten classes are used. From there you can purchase more as you wish.

Extra to note: This term classes WILL run on the public holidays of Anzac Day and Labour day. So come along to your class as normal.

Tne MFC building is opened approximately 10 minutes befor class time. For evening class students note that the light for the car park is operated by a sensor. If the car park is in darkness the light will switch on when you drive in. After evening classes the car park door needs to be closed so please do not linger too long in the car park.

Please do check the website to be clear on fees structure and payment methods.

Wishing everyone a happy and progressive Term 2 at GCSIY.