Yes it’s true! Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga will soon re-open for all classes to resume. June 15th is the big day and we so look forward to welcoming you back into classes and reinforcing the wonderful unity that yoga brings us. Normally June 15 would be in the latter half of Term 2. Because restrictions due to the corona virus bought major disruption to the running of the yoga school and the learning process for students, the Term 2 syllabus will be entirely skipped. Instead there will be two weeks devoted to revision of the main work of term 1 and the chance for students to re-establish a solid foundation at their own level. During these two weeks those students who were deprived of their last week of Term 1 ( the yoga school had to close one week before the end of term 1) may makeup their missed class. Otherwise the class fee will be at the single class rate of $25.

The June/July school holidays follow at the end of June and there will be two weeks of Holiday Classes on offer where students may request any particular areas or types of yoga poses to revise. Special attention to areas of difficulty, e.g. sore knees or shoulders or headaches, may also be requested. Holiday Classes always end up being very interesting, fun and refreshing for all participants. Holiday Classes are for all levels and are $25 per class.

Term 3 commences on July 13 and will see a return to the normal class syllabus and steady, methodical progression in yoga for level 1 and for levels 2/3. From then on we hope that the yoga year can proceed without interruption to bring all students the experience of freedom of movement and the glowing health, peace and harmony that yoga brings us.

Whether you are a returning student or someone new keen to start your yoga journey Jan would love to hear from you via Contact Us on See you soon, Jan