The knees And Hips Workshop; understanding the Relationship of Feet, Knees and Pelvis. Sunday May 27th, 9.30 a.m till 12 p.m.

For all students with imbalance, stiffness, pains or injuries to the knees or hips and for all those who have healthy joints and wish to keep them healthy….

The Knees and Hips Workshop will give you an understanding of the close relationship between knees and pelvis. Your feet will be included as these essentially influence the other joints. The practical workshop session will be designed to bring greater mobility to knees and hips while catering for any pains or limitations.

Students will learn how to adjust and adapt in yoga poses to lessen discomfort and hasten healing and how to ensure that feet, knees and hips always work in alignment.

Do you have pain behind the knee in straight leg forward bends, pain in the upper buttock, sciatica, pain to either side of the knee, groin stiffness? These and many more problems may originate in your hip or be due to pelvic misalignment.

Book for the Knees and Hips Workshop now. Deposit of $20 or full fee due by 23/05/2012. Workshop fee $50. Suitable for all levels.