Reminder to everyone who has booked for the workshop this Sunday March 12th at GCSIY. Please bring notepad and pen plus a coloured pen or highlighter. And if you would like to come but haven’t yet booked there is still time. Please notify Jan by Thursday through Contact Us on This workshop will help you to understand your abdominal core as well as help you to go deeper to your real core, the core of your being. You will work on a range of yoga postures to improve the effectiveness of the abdominal muscles and understand their connection to your ribcage, your back, your legs and your overall posture. You will also gain an appreciation of how weak or unbalanced abdominals can contribute to a number of problems such as backache, digestive complaints, lethargy, poor breathing, prolapse.

The techniques you learn to use to improve the power of your abdominal muscles while you perform the yoga postures will then be applied with several breathing techniques to help you find the gateway to your inner core, stillness and peace.

“The Core Of You” 9.30 am to 12 pm on 12/3/17. Fee $65. Please be ready to commence promptly.