Here’s a reminder note that term 4 at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga commences next week on the Tuesday instead of the Monday as normal. This is due to the Labour Day holiday.

The 10 classes of your term fee are yours to use for any session (up to ten in number) during the term. As long as you are enrolled and fees are paid you can turn up at your desired class and there is no need to notify before hand. At the end of the term there will be an extra Monday class on offer to assist those who have paid their term fee and can attend on Mondays only.

This week holiday classes in addition to this morning’s will be this evening at 6pm and tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9.30 am and at 7 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there to revise Term 3 work or to introduce new work according to your requests and next week back into building on all your previous progress.

For new people, this is the start of bringing new life to your life!