Sunday”s workshop with Jan O’Donoghue is almost fully booked. “Stretching and Strengthening Your Legs” will give you the knowledge you need to effectively improve your ability to stretch your legs further while also ensuring good muscle tone and joint stability. The joints of feet, ankles, knees and hips will be considered along with the muscles of the legs. You will experience the difference your new knowledge makes to the ease of performing standing poses, and then use your experience to help with other types of poses.

Workshop time. 9.30 am to 12 pm on Sunday March 10 at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga, MFC bldg, 7 School St, Mudgeeraba. Workshop fee, $65. Contact Jan through the Contact Us page on or book at the yoga school. Participants should bring notepad, pen and two coloured pens.