Pranayama is due to recommence at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga, Friday mornings 6 am to 7 am. Six weeks commencing October 30. Bookings are essential for this course so please notify Jan as soon as possible.

Pranayama is the science and art of Yogic breathing for effective distribution of the life energy which comes with the breath. It is very different from normal breathing and provides the next step in yoga after the asanas. It is a prelude to meditation. The many benefits of Pranayama include enhanced functioning of the lungs, reduction of tension and promotion of a calm, clear mental state. Students experience deep tranquillity during and after a session of Pranayama.

The course will suit students who have completed a minimum of six months (two terms) tuition in Iyengar Yoga. Course fee $85. Please enrol now and pay full fee or $25 deposit by 29/10/15. Contact Jan on 0407123699 or through Contact Us on