Workshop with Jan O’Donoghue at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga on Sunday August 29. Time: 9.30 am to 12 pm.

This will be a rather different workshop with special relevance to the happenings in today’s world. Jan has designed the workshop to teach you how you can use yoga to change yourself on the inside so that you always have a deep centre of peace at the very core of yourself and this remains even in times of stress and uncertainty. This is quite different from the case where one is generally cheerful and makes genuine efforts to be positive and encouraging to others. This case is operating more externally.

The Keeping Cheer Workshop is particularly pertinent to this time of our lives where the adversity of the pandemic and the dire effects of climate change add a large load to our usual stresses and strains. Our brains and senses are constantly bombarded with gloomy news and unavoidably seeds of worry and concern are planted. How to prevent those seeds from growing and disturbing you. How to detach so that you can watch your natural emotions and reactions pass on by without going deeper. Your core centre of peace remains unshaken.

At the Keeping Cheer In A World Of Fear workshop we will take a variety of yoga poses and practice them in different ways. These have the effect of bringing you back to normal when you feel rattled by outside events, frustrated, fed up or extra concerned.

You will learn how to quickly help yourself when your mood is low and you need a boost. You will learn how to help loved ones suffering form Depression or Anxiety, what to do when the media and those around you keep on talking about gloomy events, and how to help children and young people who can be very impacted by worrying times.

Finally, different ways of breathing can be used to alter your mood, settled agitated feelings and return you to your deep centre of peace. This workshop is suitable for all students. Bookings and fee, $65 by 25/8/21.See Jan at the yoga school, ph 0407123699 or Contact Us at