Mark your calendar for Sunday November 28. Set aside this special morning from 9.30 am to 12 pm to treat yourself. This will be our last Workshop for the year, one to inspire you with lots of new ideas to try with your yoga poses during the holidays. The workshop is called “Refining And Penetrating The Basic Yoga Asanas.” We will take a selection of asanas from the main categories and explore how to do each pose in a variety of different ways. We may use a variety of props and varied approaches. The aim is to give you a new and deeper experience each time you perform the pose in a new way. Like this you will increase your knowledge and advance your ability. Plus you can find methods that you particularly like, those that make you feel good and work best for your particular body and your ability to concentrate.

For example, in the basic standing pose Trikonasana, triangle pose, how can you stretch further and further to the side without sacrificing alignment. How can you open the hips more? Release neck and shoulder tension? How can you move the kidneys in the pose and what difference does that make?

So lots of tips and tricks in each yoga pose selected. Very importantly, at workshop conclusion we will explore how to bring you closer to actually stilling that chattering mind in Relaxation for the experience of deep peace and calm.

Workshop suitable for all students from Level 1 on. Please book with Jan at the yoga school, on phone 0407123699 or use Contact Us on to book and make payment enquiries. Workshop fee is $65. Please book and pay full fee or $25 deposit by November 24 at latest.

Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga, MFC Bldg, 7 School St, Mudgeeraba 4213