Save the morning of May 25th for this invigorating workshop, “Improving Your Twists” at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Twists work very effectively on the abdominals and the waistline making the area trimmer, more supple and better toned. However, for correct and safe twisting the back muscles, arms and scapulae must also be involved and therefore benefit.

Learn how to stabilize your base so that your twist has more power.

Learn how to use props for support, leverage and greater extension with ease in twists.

Learn how to consciously change the focus of your twist to stimulate a chosen internal organ or to target a specific muscular area.

The nature of twists is to cleanse and invigorate the entire system. However they can also be used to soothe and neutralize over work and with the correct techniques and knowledge they can be used to relieve sore backs, shoulders and necks. Learn how to benefit from the  remedial application of twists. Overall the result of effective twisting is the experience of an alive, alert state of well being free from aches and pains.

Workshop suitable for all students after one month’s regular class attendance. Fee $55. Please book and pay by May 21st.