At Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga the next Pranayama Course commences on February 15th and will run through to March 22nd.

Pranayama is the next step in yoga after the asanas and involves directing the life energy that is inherent in the breath. Pranayamic breathing is different to normal breathing and induces a state of deep tranquillity. It introduces one to the inner world and deepens the consciousness. It is thus also a prelude to meditation.

Other benefits include improvement of normal breathing, ability to concentrate and focus attention, the strengthening of the nervous system and the ability to detach, all skills and attributes of tremendous importance for health  and living in stressful times.

The Course is held Fridays 6 am to 7 am. Course fee is $85.

Bookings are essential and should be made with payment of full fee or $20 deposit by February 12th.                Jan 07/55304960