Top off the year’s yoga work in our spacious, airconditioned hall. Term 4 concludes on Monday December 14 with the 9.30 am and 6 pm classes. Then, to keep you stretched and relaxed during the summer break we have Holiday Classes offered on Tuesday December 15 at 9,30 am and 7 pm and Thursday 17 at 9.30 am. Also in January on Tuesday January 19 at 9.30 am and at 7 pm and on Thursday January 21 at 9.30 am. Holiday classes are for all levels and $25 per class.

Term 1 for 2021 will commence on January 27 and see a return to the full timetable and the term syllabus which is structured and progressive so that all students can learn and advance with certainty and clarity throughout the year. Individual needs attended to so please have your term enrolments in early.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, joyous and relaxing festive season and a New Year full of fresh vigour and cheer. Namaste, Jan