Stress that causes disturbance to the mind and emotions commonly results in physical tensions which end up causing aches and pains. Each person reacts a little differently so the physical tension may be experienced in different areas. The “Effects Of Stress On The Body” Workshop looks at ways in which stress may affect your own body and gives you techniques you can use to halt the physical reaction and to relieve the tension.

Common body areas which react to mental stress: Diaphragm, leading to lower back aches, digestive and neck problems. Trapezius muscles, leading to tension felt in the neck, skull and shoulders. Chest, leading to poor breathing, pressure on the heart, palpitations and throat tension. Eyes and jaw, leading to headaches. Buttocks, leading to hip restrictions and reproductive system problems. All of these tension areas also lead to fatigue due to the unnecessary output of extra energy.

Learn how to recognise your own physical reactions to stress overload and how to relieve the resulting tension and prevent it from building up. “Effects Of Stress On The Body” is a valuable workshop for all yoga students. Date to set aside is August 25th from 9.30 am to 12 pm. Please book your place by August 21st and pay full fee $65 or deposit $25. See Jan at the yoga school or use Contact Us at for payment details.