Term 1 at Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga concludes on April 1. As we enter the Easter break Jan wishes all students and families a safe and relaxing time with plenty of refreshing highlights.

To keep you well stretched and feeling relaxed Holiday Classes are offered on Tuesday April 13 at 9.30 am and at 7 pm. These classes are for all levels making it easier for you to fit a class into your holiday schedule. Holiday classes are not part of the term syllabus. They are tailored to suit the needs and requests of those who attend on the day. $25 per class.

Exemption: At the beginning of term 1 the placement of Australia Day resulted in an unusual mid week start to the term. Normally all term classes should be used by term end. However on this particular occasion and as a one-off offer those students who paid their term fee on a Monday or Tuesday and have not managed to use all their term classes may compensate with a Holiday Class. This does not apply to students who paid their fees for Wednesday or Thursday classes. So come along and enjoy a really good and complete stretch out with all the benefits Iyengar Yoga brings you.

TERM 2 commences on April 19. If you haven’t already enrolled for term 2 please do so now at the yoga school or by contacting Jan through the website, Contact Us on www.yogaschool.com.au You are encouraged to keep up your progress and not slide back. New students are also very welcome. The Iyengar way of yoga is a wonderful study and a whole new life adventure.

To assist your learning still further follow Jan and the yoga school on facebook: Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga and on Instagram @jl01_yoga

Health Reminder: Hand sanitiser always sits on the desk in the reception foyer and on the stage in the yoga hall. We are fortunate to have a very large hall so students can easily space out as desired. Happy Easter.