Term 4 2023 at GCSIY closes on December 8. Holiday Classes are offered on Monday December 11 and Tuesday 12 at 9.30 am. Please inform Jan if you are coming to these classes. $25 per class.

Reminder that Holiday Classes are for all levels and that they are not part of the term fee. Students may request any particular revision that they would like.

For 2024 Term 1 will commence on Monday January 22. Enrolments should be in early so you can notify Jan now of your preferred classes. During the holidays you can find inspiration on our facebook page, GoldCoastSchoolOfIyengarYoga and on Instagram @jlo1_yoga

Wishing you all a very peaceful and relaxing time during the upcoming holiday season. Namaste, Jan.

Ph. 0407123699. Contact Us on www.yogaschool.com.au