Sunday November 24, 9.30 am to 12 pm is the morning to set aside for this special workshop with Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Jan O’Donoghue at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Being Mindful is supposed to de-fuse some of the stresses and ill effects of modern living. It’s advantages are now promoted as a new buzz in health related circles. However the yogis have taught mindfulness since pre-history and over the centuries have developed the concept into a highly effective system we can use today to purposefully set ourselves apart from the pressures and distractions of life, enough to allow ourselves to regroup, release and re-energise.

The Conscious Breathing And Mindfulness Workshop combines the superior power of yogic mindfulness with conscious breathing methods which you can use at will to improve your ability in yoga asanas and sports, to induce calm when life is turbulent and to become more insightful.

*Learn how to quickly lower emotional tension. *Learn how to improve the strength, tone and responsiveness of your abdominal muscles for improved breathing and mental focus. You will learn to trigger responses in different muscle areas. * Learn how your diaphragm reacts when you experience physical or emotional pain, anxiety or anger. Taking charge over this reaction can free you from back and neck aches, vastly improve your breathing, your mental focus and it will lift your spirits. * Learn how to hold your spine and your brain’s breath control centre in alignment to bring steadiness of mind and relaxation. PLUS

Learn how combining these skills can help you proceed towards a far deeper mindfulness through internalising your awareness. Your mental focus and your breath control can help elevate your mental state to a plane of tranquillity. Even 15 minutes in this state is enough to revitalise and soothe you and bring you the experience of peace.

Workshop fee $65. Bookings essential with full fee or deposit of $25 by 20th November. See Jan at the yoga school or use Contact Us on the website for payment enquiries. NB. It is helpful to have at least one month’s experience in Iyengar Yoga asana classes.