Workshop with Jan Sunday May 30th, 9.30am to noon. The answer to the frequently asked question, Can Yoga help me lose weight? The answer is yes, but not just any yoga. Workshop will take you through a specific sequence of asanas guided by the program given for weight loss purposes at the Pune Iyengar Yoga Institute. For those more interested in maintaining a figure that is already trim the Workshop sequence will provide the answer for those times when you are out of your normal routine, holidays, celebrations and a little extra padding can accumulate. No need to do extra activities such as running or gym, unless you want to of course. Lessening of cravings and pre-ocupation with food, building confidence and motivation, breaking the diet habit, biochemical malfunction….all discussed. That last one’s really interesting and explains so much. Energetic workshop One month’s experience needed. Fee $45 Book with Jan, phone 55304960 or email;