This coming Sunday March 22nd is the day for the year’s first Workshop with Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Jan O’Donoghue. 9.30 am to 12 pm at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Why Timings? What is their value?

When a yoga asana is held for a prescribed length of time the asana has time to work on you, make the changes and give you the benefits it is supposed to give you. You also give yourself time, time to check your alignment, your accuracy and make any necessary adjustments. Time also to simply be quiet in the pose. The ancient yogis knew the organic, mental and emotional effects of the different asanas as well as their muscular/ skeletal benefits. They explored how the longer holds enhanced the benefits.

At Sunday’s Workshop you will go through a sequence of timed asanas adapted from the Primary Course in BKS. Iyengar’s Light On Yoga. You will be given a copy to use in your home practice. Jan will also check that you know how to make any special adjustments for personal limitations, e.g. sore knees, shoulders, necks so you can do the timing without distraction. Timings increase your endurance, your focus, your sense of well-being and your breathing capacity.

There are a few remaining places available. Please book and pay full fee $65 or deposit $25 by March 18. Any fees balance payable on the day. See Jan at the yoga school or use Contact Us on for bookings and payment enquiries. Please note that card payments cannot be taken. GCSIY accepts cash, cheque or bank transfer (ask for details)