This is the topic for the next workshop with Jan O’Donoghue at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Set aside Sunday March 6 for 9.30 am to 12 pm to attend this valuable workshop. Whether you have healthy knees or sore knees this workshop will suit all yoga students alike. We all need to know how best to care for our knees to maintain freedom of movement and what to do for protection, relief, and improvement to knees suffering from injury, arthritis, ligament problems, etc.

Included: Attention to the related joints of ankles and hips. Building equal strength and pliability for attached muscles, various adjustments for sore knees and finding which works best for relief. various foot and hip positionings to help. Use of suitable props and traction to help.

Jan aims to teach each unique individual according to their own structure. Therefore work is often customised to suit the individual needs and ability while maintaining correct anatomical function. Please book without delay. Full fee of $65 or deposit of $25 should be paid by March 2. See Jan at the yoga school or use Contact Us on the website for bookings and payment enquiries.