Set aside the morning of Sunday May 23rd for a fun workshop with Jan O’Donoghue at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. This workshop will explore a variety of inventive ways in which you can use a wall to assist yourself and to improve your yoga practice. For example, if we consider a basic pose like Trikonasana, Triangle pose, you can perform it with your back against the wall, facing the wall, side on to the wall and also by using two diagonally opposite wall corners. As well as giving you valuable feedback the wall can give you support making the yoga poses easier and it can greatly improve your alignment and accuracy.

Learn how to confidently practice yoga on your own using Your Guru The Wall at home. The workshop will show you how to use the wall in different ways for standing poses, forward bends, twists, abdominals, back bends and balances. The wall can even help you to relax more deeply in resting poses.

Make the wall your best friend in yoga. Workshop bookings by May 19 with deposit $25 or full fee $65. Book with Jan at the yoga school or use Contact Us on the website, for bookings or to enquire about payment methods. Any remaining fee balance payable on the day.

“Your Guru The Wall” Workshop from 9.30 am to 12 pm on May 23 at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga. Suitable for all levels.