Sunday February 1st is now only four weeks away and this is the date for the one day Retreat, “Yoga From The Start”. Have you secured your place yet? This retreat is designed especially for you if you’d like to try out yoga from the very beginning and enjoy an experience that will help you set off into the year ahead uplifted, refreshed and re-connected with the person who is you. The Retreat program will take you through the basic yoga poses with clear understanding of how to manage any limitations you may have, how to practice at home and know if your alignment is correct, and what benefits you can expect from correct practice. During the program you will also learn how to improve your body posture so you can immediately look younger, slimmer and more vibrant. Topped by a delicious  organic lunch and the experience of deep relaxation the Retreat Day promises you a first class practical experience of  the enormous scope of benefits that authentic yoga can bring you and how to use it practically to improve your life.

Jan is a well known accredited Iyengar Yoga Teacher with thirty-five years of extensive experience including successful therapy work. The expertise shown by her work has seen her appear on ABC television, be engaged as tutor to numerous government departments and heads of international corporations and be engaged as private tutor to prestigious personalities. Her own personal teachers have been the great yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar and Martyn Jackson spending many hours and years of intense study with these world renowned teachers.

“Yoga From The Start” will be held on the Gold Coast in a purpose built studio located in a peaceful bush setting. For all details such as times, cost and address please enquire now. You will be sent the relevant information with booking from. All places to be allocated and bookings finalised by January 20th. Contact through the yoga school Contact Us page or phone Jan on 0407123699.