“Organic Effect Of Iyengar Yoga”

Workshop with Jan O’Donoghue

Sunday September 1, 2013 9. 30 am to 12pm

Through the practice of Iyengar Yoga we begin working on the visible outside in order to reach the invisible depths. Our organs, as part of the deep inner world are considered as being involuntary in function. Yet through attentive and precise yoga practice we can deliberately cause an effect our organs.

This Workshop will give students a deeper appreciation of what is happening inside organically during their yoga practice and the scientific research conducted by Iyengar and various universities into the subject.

Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Kidneys, Liver, Uterus, Skin.

These organs and associated will be considered during a carefully constructed yoga practice programme.

Workshop suitable for all levels.

Please book and pay deposit of $20 or full fee $55 by August 28, 2013.

Jan: phone 55304960 or mobile 0407123699 or use the Contact Us on the website www.yogaschool.com.au