GCSIY announces the commencement date for the Term 4 Pranayama Course is October 27. The Course runs for six weeks on Friday mornings from 6 am to 7 am and is suitable for yoga students who have attended regular classes for six months or more. Prana=life energy, Yama=restraint. In Pranayama The life energy inherent in the breath becomes the focus and the student learns to refine and direct the breath bringing it into an even, steady rhythm with periods of retention. The practice of asanas (yoga postures) in the regular classes helps to bring freedom to the joints, build a strong body with an erect spine and improve the respiratory and nervous systems. Then pranayama builds on this preparation taking the student deeper inward. The experience is a state of tranquillity and quietude. Each class of the Pranayama Course begins with supported poses which gently stretch open the diaphragm and help to quieten the mind and then the pranayama is introduced in stages so that you can follow at your own pace whether new to the subject or more experienced.

Benefits: abdominal muscles, lungs, stress reduction, steadying of emotions, immune and nervous systems, greater calm. Course Fee $85. Please book and pay full fee or deposit of $25 by October 24. See Jan at the yoga school or contact through www.yogaschool.com.au