This is the last Workshop for 2013. Please be sure to book your place early. Prana means life force or the  life energy that permeates all. Yama means restraint or refinement. Pranayama is the third step on the ancient path of authentic yoga and deals with the life energy that enters with the breath. The breath is controlled, modulated and refined in order to direct and distribute this life energy to all the cells. Practice of the yoga asanas improves the physical and mental health of the student and prepares him or her for the necessary control and focus that is needed for pranayama.

The normal physiology of breathing is changed to accommodate much deeper, slower breathing resulting in an introspective state where the student can experience peace and stillness. This deep inner state is quite different from the state experienced in normal living.

Program includes as a prelude the use of restorative asanas to stretch open the body and draw the attention inwards.

Students will be taught the normal physiology of breathing, how to observe the normal breath, its habits and effects. Then how to deepen the consciousness and gain greater control over abdominal muscles, the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Next comes learning how to be the Director. How does one direct the breath inside the body?

Transition from normal breathing to pranayamic breathing and beginning the basic pranayama practice. For those who have practised for some years, there will then be tuition on advancing the practice. This includes extension, rhthym, retention and ratios.

Savasana after pranayama. The difference in depth and quality compared to Savasana (deep relaxation) after asanas.

Pranayama increases health and well being of all body systems. It has a profound calming and steadying effect on the mind and emotions and brings to the student the experience of entering a different state of existence. Normal living with all its fluctuations seems to vanish. Instead there is stillness. In stillness there is Peace. This is a tangible and real experience.

This is a practical Workshop suitable for all levels except new beginners. Please pay deposit of $20 or full fee $50 by 14/11/2013

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