Do you experience  Anxiety, Depression or Stress Overload?  How about Hormonal Upsets, Fatigue, Low Energy or Recovering After Illness? All can be helped effectively by the right sequencing of restorative yoga poses. Restoratives is the term given to particular yoga poses which give you gentle support so you can remain and rest in the pose without muscular effort. They induce a state of calmness, restore energy and return you to feeling balanced. On Sunday November 13th at Gold Coast School Of Iyengar Yoga Jan O’Donoghue will take a workshop on planning A Restorative Yoga Program Especially For You. At the workshop you will be given a general program of Restoratives and then learn how to change the sequencing to best suit your own particular ailment or concern.You will feel totally relaxed and renewed after this workshop, just in time to deal with Christmas craziness. Restoratives Workshop date 13th November, time 9.30 am to 12 pm. Fee  $65. Bring notepad and pen. Book with Jan on or at the yoga school.