Last Workshop of 2010 is on Sunday November 28th at 9.30am till noon. You will receive your own Holiday Yoga Practice and be taught two sequences. The first is invigorating and will stretch and tone you all over, assist cleansing and leave you feeling bright and ready to enjoy yourself. The second sequence will cool your temperature, effortlesly and gently stretch you open, allow you to retreat into peace and quiet and leave you feeling serene and refreshed. Workshop will show you how to modify or intensify the poses to suit your ability. Important; you will also be intoduced to a preparatory stage for Pranayama,i.e breathing that is controlled, refined and consciously directed inducing a very calm and peaceful mental state. Workshop fee $45. Please book and pay deposit of $20 or full fee by November 25th. All levels welcome. (No newsleter nec. to click)